Love is the most powerful feeling that exists, and marriage is its sublimation.

Through the photographs and videos I make, I am able to show you both the strength of your union and the emotion permeating the day you pronounce your “Yes”.

In my work I combine the artistic need and the one relate to the documentation, taking pictures and making films which contain all the magic of the event. By watching them you will feel like you relive every moment and every emotional nuance of your marriage.

My goal is to transform your wishes into reality and, to do so, I will involve you as much as possible in all stages of work. Everything will be studied in detail to reflect your personality, but the result will be extremely natural.

I am ready to tell your wedding through the intensity of my images. Let yourself be amazed by Videosystem Sposi! 

Our services

Photographic Service

Our services Photographic services Find the beauty enclosed in the details without falling into the banal, steal the spontaneity of the manifestations of affection without ever being intrusive, make you feel comfortable in front of the objective: this is what I love the most, as a wedding photographer. I will make unique shots, just like your love story, which you can keep as a precious memory.

Wedding video

Video of the wedding Not a simple slide show of images with musical background, but a real movie of your most important day: this is what Videosystem Sposi will create for you. Using highly
technical instruments, we will create an artistic and evocative video, capable of bringing you back with your mind and heart to the atmosphere you have experienced.

Drone video

Video with drone The ideal service for those who are not satisfied: if you want your wedding video to be truly unique, why not integrate it with some wonderful aerial footage? It is the best way to enhance the location you have chosen and the beautiful landscapes that surround it, adding an absolutely unique touch to your memories.

Vintage Album

Vintage album To preserve indelible memories of the day when you swear eternal love, the quality of the photo album is crucial. That’s why for all my spouses I choose Album Epoca and their handicraft products of the highest quality– as well as fully customizable, to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.


I am Alessandro, I was born between films and videotapes, so my passion for documentation with images has always been in my veins. Since I was little, I have supported my father as an assistant, learning the art and technique of making videos.